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I am currently a student at Oregon State University, finishing up my last year. I am studying to get my BFA in Digital Communication Arts. My journey through school hasn’t been traditional but has allowed me to grow from the many places I’ve been and the people I’ve met. I hope you enjoy my space online where I can post what I’ve worked on, about where I’ve been and anything else you might find on here. Enjoy!


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Where Should I Go For My Next Trip?


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Where Should I go next?
When you lose someone you love, your immediate reaction is, ‘How am I going to live’? If you lose a loved one, they most likely made an impact on your life. Thus resulting in the pain and anger you feel. Well the question seems easy when you feel this way. ‘How will you live?’, response, ‘Many sessions of therapy and some crying for sure,’ or ‘I can’t’. I’m gonna be honest my initial answer would be ‘I don’t know’, which is my usual answer to anything but that sentence felt incomplete. Who I lost, took all they had and put it into their life, never halting at a challenge, like a death, but leaping high over the challenge learning how to handle whatever comes their way. Their answer would be ‘ I realized I have to live an extraordinary life to live up to them. So my journey began. By them, I mean my Grandmother and Grandfather, or Momsy and Dadeo, better know as the best grandparents in the world. I mention these amazing people, because they really meant the world to me and still remain my idols even though they passed. They shaped me into the person I am today, with the plethora of life lessons and opportunities to grow. Momsy and Dadeo taught me to travel when you get the opportunity. Unlike most kids, at a young age I was exposed to the gift of traveling. My grandparents started traveling the world in the late 1930s. In their lifetime they visited over 80 different countries, some, multiple times. After they had their 6 children, they decided to share the gift with them also. My mom, at a young age, took her first trip to Europe, eventually living in Amsterdam for five years in her early 20s. After all the kids were older, my grandparents realized it was their duty to share this gift with the grand-children. As a child I was able to travel each year to a different state with my grandma. When each of the grand-children graduated, they would send them to a new country. This was their way to share their knowledge and wisdom of the world with us. As my eighth grade year ended I knew it was time for me to choose where I wanted to go, the question, “If you could go anywhere where would it be?” My first country was France. I picked Paris, because, well, which young girl doesn’t want to go to Paris. Isn’t it everyone’s dream. The second reason I picked Paris was because my grandmother always told me it was her favorite city, in result, at a young age I was inspired to go there. She had traveled there at least a dozen of times herself before it was my turn, so I thought it was a safe bet for my trip. But I am not telling you this, because I want to gloat about where I’ve been or how awesome my grandparents were (which they were). I want to spread the knowledge they gave to me with you, because what they showed me is a gift everyone deserves to receive. I plan to tell you about my travels, in hope that it inspires you to go out and do some exploring yourself. I will most likely throw in stories of my grandparents and what not, because they are the reason traveling is my passion. Yes, my passion. Every time my mom or any of my family is gearing up for another adventure they ask me “If you could go one place in the world, where would you go?” Now for my family, I feel that’s the toughest question ever, and I would argue that we couldn’t answer it. But if I had to, my answer would be, “I wouldn’t be going to just one place in this world.” Our family is made to travel. Momsy and Dadeo were world travelers and passed down their gift down to their kids and grandkids. Growing up, family vacations called for new adventures and exploration. Which I believe what traveling is all about. I honestly want to travel anywhere and everywhere that this question is really tough. Journeys should consist of getting lost, trying new food and experiencing the local culture. We need to open our eyes to the world we live in and the world others live in. Traveling teaches you so many life lessons if you are open to learn them. When I think of what I learned from traveling, I don’t think of how many times we got lost and I was frustrated. I think of those same times we got lost and ended up at an amazing garden, cafe or shop. These memories of the small little details are what is cherished and remembered over time. The other mishaps are just dust in the wind ready to laugh about. So it is important to remember to not sweat the small inconveniences because you’re on an adventure. You’re supposed to get lost and explore the unknown. That used to be my biggest fear, not having a plan and sticking to it. After my grandparents died, that fear went away for some reason. Maybe it was because they always seemed to be carefree adventurers. I felt like I needed to live everyday to it’s fullest without regrets or worry. Which I think most people realize after a loved one passes. Now I try my hardest to make a moment count. Traveling often fills my heart with so much joy. I especially love to travel just me. You really learn a lot when traveling alone. First it’s an amazing time to reflect on your life. Well not that you’d think about doing so it just happens. You’re in a situation which nothing to do but exactly that. When you walk, you reflect, your are at dinner, reflection about what you eat at home and how it’s different from where you are. Your mind naturally wanders to reflecting upon your life at home and you compare the two. Your traveling life to your actual life. You weed out what you actually find valuable and important to you. Not because you deserve only the best, but because you come to realize that if you forgot about something or someone at home. It’s probably not worth your time. It really makes you realize what you want your life to be. This reflection scares me sometimes, but I know it is so good for me. I think there is a lot to learn from traveling solo and many people need to experience it. Traveling in general is so good for your mind and body. When you add the special aspect of being totally independent, your exploration is endless. I want to leave you with a couple things I’ve learned throughout my journeys. Make sure you make everyday count, take the chances and opportunities that come your way, and always smile (It will automatically make you feel better and those around you)!


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